Showreel 2015

Showreel of professional and personal projects

Responsible for most of the modeling, rigging, lighting and animation.
Maya | Mental Ray | V-Ray | After Effects | Photoshop

Smirnoff Double Black

Alter Ego Post: Smirnoff Double Black

CG spot to introduce Smirnoff's new Double Black vodka. The goal was realism through mimicking the subtleties and different materials in the actual bottle.

Responsible for: texturing, lighting and rendering of product shots
Maya | V-ray

Maya and V-Ray.

Liquid Simulation

Maya Bifrost liquid simulation test

Responsible for: water simulation, texturing, lighting, matte painting and compositing
Maya | Mental Ray | After Effects | Photoshop

Breakdown time

Tim Horton's 50th

Alter Ego Post: Tim Horton's 50th Anniversary

Recreation of Tim Horton's first store in Oakville, Ontario. Since the building had been torn down, I used photo references from the 1960s to base the CG model on the original structure.

Responsible for: modeling, texturing, lighting and camera tracking of store
Maya | MatchMover | Mental ray

Godfather Death

Synopsis: Once upon a time, there was a young doctor whose godfather was Death...

My undergrad film at Concordia University. I watched Ben Hibon's Tale of Three Brothers and was transfixed by the aesthetics of shadow puppetry through a 3D world. It inspired me to pursue this project, and I hope you enjoy the film as much as I had making it.

Responsible for: all visual elements, including preproduction, modeling, rigging, animation, cloth simulation and compositing
Maya | Mudbox | Mental Ray | After Effects | Photoshop

Air Canada enRoute Film Festival 2013, Best Animation
TIFF 2013, Top 10 student films in Canada
TIFF Film Circuit 2014
Fantasia Film Festival 2013
Amsterdam Imagine Film Festival 2014
NSI Short Film Festival 2014
Cornwall Film Festival 2013
CFF Honorable Mention 2013


Alter Ego Post: Darknet (TV)

CG millipede for an episode of Darknet, an urban-horror anthological TV pilot.

Responsible for: modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting and compositing of bug
Maya | Mental Ray | After Effects

Lighting breakdowns


I've always loved Chinese lanterns, which inspired this little simulation project.

Responsible for: all elements, including crowd and particles simulation, modeling, texturing, lighting and matte painting
Maya | Golaem Crowd | Mental Ray | After Effects | Photoshop

Game Animation


Matte Painting + Breakdowns

Speed Painting - Photoshop

Four Seasons - Photoshop

Speed Painting - Photoshop

Icarus - Photoshop

Speed Painting - Photoshop

Geisha - Photoshop

Cat Eyes - Photoshop

Yazoo - Photoshop

Sesshoumaru - Photoshop

Final Fantasy VII - Photoshop