Godfather Death

June 2013

"Once upon a time, there was a young doctor whose godfather was Death..."

Godfather Death was my undergrad film, inspired by Ben Hibon's animated "The Tale of Three Brothers" in Harry Potters. My goal was to create similar shadow-puppetry aesthetics, set within an ominously sparse world.

The story is based on a Brother's Grimm fairy tale, and I spent eight months in production. The first month was for scripting and storyboards. Another two months went into modeling and rigging the characters. The rest were spent for animation and tweaking the cloth simulations. Fortunately, rendering and compositing were speedy processes.

I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did creating it.

Maya | Mudbox | Mental Ray | After Effects | Photoshop

Air Canada enRoute Film Festival 2013, Best Animation
TIFF 2013, Top 10 student films in Canada
TIFF Film Circuit 2014
Athens ANIMFEST 2015
NSI Short Film Festival 2014
Fantasia Film Festival 2013
Amsterdam Imagine Film Festival 2014
NSI Short Film Festival 2014
Cornwall Film Festival 2013
CFF Honorable Mention 2013