Head Sculpt

June 2017

This portrait piece was created as a look dev/ sculpting and texturing exercise, focusing on facial anatomy and details. I started from a sphere in Zbrush using dynamesh, and the hair was created with fibermesh. Textures were painted in Mari combining pores and tertiary maps with hand painted textures.

I was excited about the AlShader that had been ported into Vray, and wanted to experiment with its sss attributes for this project. It provided a lot of artistic control, especially with the three inputs for subdermal layers. Admittedly, that's not a physically accurate way to create skin. The maps were then driven by a scatter map to control the scattering along the nose, eyes and lips.

It was a fun challenge and a learning opportunity. In retrospect, I should have spent more time adding wrinkles and imperfections...details that would take away from the face looking too perfect, as it does now. The skin also has a waxy quality to it that I'm not satisfied with.

Maya | Zbrush | Vray | Mari