Spirit Project

August 2017

Spirit is a short film that I have been working on for the past year. It is based on the real-life Mars rover, Spirit, that spent six years exploring the Martian planet.

I designed the character with key features from the original robot, but some of it is very much inspired by Wall-E, my favorite film.

The rig is based on the rocker-bogie suspension system that the rover uses. The back wheels move in counter of the front, while the chassis maintains an average pitch between the two rockers. The textures are created in Photoshop and Mari. All the shaders are layered with separate dust shaders, which can be dialed up and down. Spirit is going to get dusty on Mars.

I am almost done with animation, and am starting lighting soon. The page will be updated as the film progresses. This is a passion project for me, and progress is slow as I am working alone. But I love the character, cute little Spirit that he is, and I hope to share his story with you one day.

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